About Us

2019 Board Members

Alan Kercher Chairman kerch1898@ameritech.net 434-6136

Tom Gariety Co-Chairman tlgariety@gmail.com 433-4454

Ken Fromm Secretary

Karen Lurker Treasurer

Carol & Jose Quinones Hospitality

Eileen & Kevin Wilson Facebook and Decorations 

Membership Information

Membership forms are available at the dance and on-line. Membership cost is only $35 per year per person.      

Membership is open to dancers of all skill levels and all ages.   Membership is pro-rated: Join now for only $5 per person for each dance remaining in the  calendar year.   

 Members:  Please provide feedback to any board member regarding Stardust dances.  We would like to hear from you! 

Non Members and Beginners are Welcome

Stardust's low cost and large dance floor makes this club an excellent venue for beginners.    Single-dance admission for non-members is $10 per person.     

Please check out the downloadable chart for  "Dance Floor Etiquette."   Our hope is  to make Stardust as friendly as possible for beginners.


It is often  difficult to predict what road conditions will be at dance time.  Anyone planning to travel to a Stardust Dance event should monitor the latest weather conditions.  Use your best judgement and exercise caution should you decide to travel to the dance.  Dances are normally canceled only if a weather emergency is declared.  If a dance is canceled, the cancellation will be noted on this website.

Photo Album

Stardust members may take photos at the dance to display on this site.  It is our desire to post photos only of those who approve of having their photos posted here.   Please let us know if you do not want to have your photo included in this photo gallery.   


The Stardust dance club relies on volunteers to help make these dances successful and affordable.  Volunteers assist with set up and clean up.  If you are willing to help with set-up, please arrive at 7:30  PM.  If you are willing to help with clean-up, remain after the last dance for about 15 minutes.  We appreciate our volunteers.